North American Corriente Association

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Our History

The North American Corriente Association was established in 1982 to promote and preserve the Corriente breed in the U.S. and Canada. With the original Spanish cattle, brought to Mexico as early as the 16th century, becoming muddied through “upgrading” and indiscriminate cross-breeding, the pure Corriente was in danger of becoming extinct

A small group of interested ranchers agreed to join forces to perpetuate the breed in North America by forming an association. The motivating force came from the difficulty they themselves had finding good, healthy Mexican steers of traditional Corriente type to rope and bulldog. They were soon joined by others with the same motivation, and by those interested in preserving the breed for its’ many other attributes.

The N.A.C.A.’s most important initial function was to institute the cattle registry. This record documents the pedigrees of all registered animals so that breeders and buyers alike can be assured of their genetic background and standard characteristics.

Since 1982 the association has sponsored an annual membership meeting with educational activities, a cattle show, and a members-only team roping. Registered stock is judged on conformation and on performance in roping and dogging events.

This “performance testing” is unique in the cattle industry and a highlight of the Corriente events. This system encourages the promotion of Corriente as prime rodeo cattle, while still preserving the breed’s unique physical traits. Besides the national convention, there are several sanctioned regional shows and membership gatherings sponsored by N.A.C.A. members.

The association office addresses the concerns of members from Massachusetts to Oregon and Canada to Mexico. The N.A.C.A. continues to grow in cattle numbers, members and prestige annually, while keeping a firm grip on its’ initial goal of perpetuating and promoting the Corriente breed.

Your membership in the North American Corriente Association will help preserve the unique and valuable characteristics of these cattle.

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