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Corriente Beef: Naturally Low Fat, Low Cholesterol, Delicious.

The Economic Advantages of Corriente Cattle: Learn More

Corriente Cattle: The Ropers and Bulldoggers Choice.

The Unique Corriente Breed – The Future of Ranching

Many of today’s farsighted ranchers realize that successful cattle production is most accurately assessed by total income in conjunction with an analysis of the cost of production and impact on the land.

Beef producers often boast about weaning weights without reference to conception rate, calving losses, deteriorating range conditions and feed, medicine and labor expenses.

A perceptive cattle producer is wise to aim for a cow herd which weans healthy calves, has suffered no loss, stress or ill health, has required a minimum of care and expense, and has foraged widely on diverse vegetation.

Corriente fit the vision of the future rancher in that they are highly productive, inexpensive to care for, and resourceful foragers that utilize and benefit the environment as naturally as wildlife. Most of the production problems experienced by today’s cattlemen are a result of increasing size and weight in order to fit the current commodity market. Corriente remain untainted by the manipulative animal husbandry which has affected and weakened many domestic animals.

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