Excerpt from an Old Corriente Corresponder -1984

Since taking on the position of the Executive Director of the NACA, I have always been intrigued by its history, all of the far-fetched stories, and also the bloodlines.  So, since it was a wet and dreary weekend, I dug out past Corresponders and started from the very beginning.  Wow, is all that I can say. And I feel such gratefulness for the founding fathers that put this association together-for us and for future generations.  Talk about a good group of knowledgeable, well liked Cowboys and Cowgirls full of integrity that came together to form this association.  Here is an excerpt from one of the first Corriente Corresponders:

“True Corrientes have become more and more difficult to find.  Tighter controls on the Mexican border have restricted importation of the pure mexican stock.  The mexicans themselves are turning more to beef animals, so the original Corriente may be headed for extinction.”

“In order to preserve these unique and valuable animals, a group of Corriente breeders in the western United States and Canada recently formed the North American Corriente Association.  The purpose of the association is to promote the expanded use of this outstanding rodeo animal, and to institute and monitor a registered breeding program to preserve the true breed and make it available for the fast growing rodeo circuit.  A buyer of registered cattle will be assured that the animals possess the traditional attributes of the Corriente.”

“The Association was organized as a non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of Montana, with its principal offices in Billings, Montana.  Bylaws, Rules & Regulations governing membership and registration were adopted at the organizational meeting held October 16, 1982.  The formal registry has now been established, and the Association is accepting applications for membership and registration.”

So if you are wondering what kind of organization we are, let me tell you, I have three full binders of history, bloodlines, and very educational pieces here in front of me-every one of these newsletters was put together by our membership that is full of knowledge and integrity!  Join our group, you won’t be disappointed!