TCCA Show Results 2020-Bridgeport TX

Well Folks, the dust finally settled, or was it the humidity…at any rate, here are the show results for the “Fun in the Sun” Texas Corriente Cattle Show and Roping in Bridgeport, Texas the weekend of June 26-27, 2020.  There were around 70 head of cattle that showed up to be judged, members from Montana, South Dakota, Mississippi, and Texas, and the team ropers thru some fancy loops in the performance class.  And you should have seen the buckles for this event…WOW!  If you couldn’t make it this year, I sure would plan on it for next year…those buckles were fancy (you need one!)  Thank you members for putting on this show.  They are a lot of work and would not exist if it were not for our hard working members and their desire to see our association succeed.  And a final shout out to all of the sponsors that made this event possible.  Our grand show sponsor Morgan Livestock Equipment.  They brought out one of their setups especially made for corriente cattle.  It was a well built piece of equipment and I heard a lot of oooinnngg and awwwiinnnggg over it!

Thank you also to 5-G Feed Store in Chico TX!

A list of our member sponsors:  4B Cattle-Russell & Lanette Barham, Double H Cattle-Jonathan Holder, Ruby Rose Cattle-David & Jessica Rose, Raley Double T Cattle-Tim & Tyler Raley, Uno Cattle Co-David Woodham, JM Ranch-Audie Morris, Wau-Ban-See Ranch, Kinnan & Jacqueline Golemon

Here are the Results…and look at these good looking cattle….

We started out the day with the Get of Sire Pen (6 entries):

1st LF Ranch Bull 415 “Ripper”                                            2nd Wau-Ban-See Bull 204 “Cole Younger”                   3rd Wau-Ban-See Bull 316 “WBS Camps”                      4th Rose-Woodham Bull 619 “Troubadour”                   5th Raley Double T Bull 857 “Magnum 857”                  6th JM Ranch Bull 619-“JM Bull Newly”


Yearling Heifer Class (20 entries)

1st Uno Cow 910, David Woodham                       2nd Ruby Rose Cow 903, David Rose                  3rd Uno Cow  904, David Woodham                    4th Cedar Creek Lindsey 906, Colleen Walker          5th Wau-Ban-See Heifer 918, Kinnan Golemon      6th 4B Cow 915, Russell Barham

Youth Class- 1st Ellie Raley, Heifer 915-Penny, 2nd Carson Cowling, Heifer 907 and 3rd John Cowling, Heifer 977


2 Year Old Heifer (15 entries)

1st Double H Cattle, Heifer 810, Johnathan Holder              2nd Double H Cattle, Heifer 805, Johnathan Holder          3rd 4B Cattle, Heifer 801, Russell Barham                              4th Ruby Rose Cow 805, John Lewis                                  5th Uno Cow 813, David Woodham                                   6th Ruby Rose Cow 815, John Lewis



Mature Cow Class (11 entries)


1st JM Ranch, Cow 418, Audie Morris                           2nd Uno Cattle, Cow 614, David Woodham                   3rd  JM Ranch, Cow 383, Audie Morris                           4th  Wau-Ban-See Cow 523, Kinnan Golemon
5th  JM Ranch-Cow 319, Audie Morris                         6th  Bar A Corriente, Cow 6700, Paul Arrington


Yearling Bulls (11 entries)
1st Wau-Ban-See Bull 915, Kinnan Golemon
2nd Wau-Ban-See Bull 925, Kinnan Golemon
3rd Raley Double T Bull 906, Tim & Tyler Raley
4th Raley Double T Bull 912, Tim & Tyler Raley
5th Raley Double T Bull 916, Tim & Tyler Raley
6th Uno Cattle Co Bull 905, David Woodham

2 Year Old Bulls (4 entries-non sanctioned NACA class)
1st Cedar Creek Bull 805, Colleen Walker
2nd Barham Bull 85, Russell Barham
3rd Cedar Creek Bull 806, Colleen Walker
4th Bar A Cattle Bull 805, Paul Arrington


Mature Bull Class (11 entries)
1st Wau-Ban-See Bull 708, Kinnan Golemon
2nd Ruby Rose Amigo 716, Scott Backer
3rd Barham Bull 23, Russell Barham
4th Raley Double T Bull 608, Tim & Tyler Raley
5th Rose Bull Ace 702, David Rose
6th Raley Double T Bull 710, Tim & Tyler Raley


Roping Heifer Class (20 entries)
1st Cedar Creek Heifer 902, Colleen Walker
2nd Barham Heifer 904, Russell Barham
3rd Wau-Ban-See Heifer 920, Kinnan Golemon
4th BMB Heifer 901, Brady Barham
5th Uno Heifer 904, David Woodham
6th Barham Heifer 910, Russell Barham

2 Year Old Roping Heifers (13 entries)

1st Ruby Rose Cow 801, John Lewis
2nd Double H Heifer 810, Johnathan Holder
3rd Wau-Ban-See Heifer 811, Kinnan Golemon
4th Wau-Ban-See Heifer 821, Kinnan Golemon
5th Uno Heifer 813, David Woodham
6th Ruby Rose Cow 815, John Lewis

Roping Bull Class (11 entries)
1st Raley Double T Bull 906, Tim & Tyler Raley
2nd Raley Double T Bull 916, Tim & Tyler Raley
3rd JM Ranch Bull 901, Audie Morris
4th Rose Bull Pedro 995, David Rose
5th Raley Double T Bull 912, Tim & Tyler Raley
6th JM Ranch Bull 961, Audie Morris



All Around Heifer- Double H Cattle Co-Heifer 820, Jonathan Holder

All Around Bull-Raley Double T Cattle-Bull 906, Tim & Tyler Raley

Grand Champion Female-JM Ranch-Cow 418, Audie Morris
Reserve Champion Female-Double H Cattle Co-Heifer 805, Jonathan Holder

Grand Champion Bull-Wau-Ban-See-Bull 708, Kinnan Golemon
Reserve Champion Bull-Cedar Creek-Bull 805, Colleen Walker

Congratulations to all of the class winners, they really came to show some good looking cattle.  We shall see everyone at the National Show in September!

Judges for the show were Tucker Ashley, performance classes & females. Ryan Long judged the bulls and get of sire.

Look for the full article in the next issue of the Corriente Corresponder….