2018 TCCA Fall Classic~Graham TX

Yearling Bull Perform Class                Yearling Bull Confirmation

12 Entries

1st #75365 Tim & Tyler Raley-Double T Cattle            1st #75365 Tim & Tyler Raley-Double T Cattle

2nd #75372 Tim & Tyler Raley-Double T Cattle          2nd #75372 Tim & Tyler RaleyDouble T Cattle

3rd #75562 Will Cowling-WK Cattle                               3rd #75481 David Rose-Ruby Rose Cattle

4th #75728 Ricky Mary-ARam Cattle                             4th #75728 Ricky Mara-ARam Cattle

5th #75490 David Rose-Ruby Rose Cattle                    5th #75487 David Woodham-Uno Cattle

6th #75488 David Rose-Ruby Rose Cattle                     6th #75490 David Rose-Ruby Rose Cattle


Yearling Heifer Perform  Class                  Yearling Heifer Confirmation

20 Entries

1st #75359 Tim & Tyler Raley-Double T Cattle            1st #75373 Tim & Tyler Raley-Double T Cattle

2nd #75554 Ricky Mara- ARam Cattle                          2nd #75554  Ricky Mara-ARam Cattle

3rd #75373 Tim & Tyler Raley-Double T Cattle          3rd #75359 Tim & Tyler RaleyDouble T Cattle

4th #75241 Roger Woodham Rosa Linda Ranch       4th #75241 Roger Woodham RosaLindaRanc

5th #75166 Paul Arrington                                               5th #75482 David Rose-Ruby Rose Cattle

6th #75561 Will Cowling-WK Cattle                                6th #75564 David Woodham-Uno Cattle


Yearling Heifer All Around

1st #75359 Tim & Tyler Raley-Double T Cattle

2nd #75554 Ricky Mara-ARam Cattle

3rd #75373 Tim & Tyler Raley-Double T Cattle

4th #75241 Rose Woodham-Rosa Linda Ranch

5th #75166 Paul Arrington

6th #75482 David Rose-Ruby Rose Cattle

Yearling Bull All Around

1st #75365 Tim & Tyler Raley-Double T Cattle

2nd #75372 Tim & Tyler Raley-Double T Cattle

3rd #75562 Will Cowling-WK Cattle

4th #75728 Ricky Mara-ARam Cattle

5th #75481 David Rose-Ruby Rose Cattle

6th #75490 David Rose-Ruby Rose Cattle

2018 Texas Corriente Cattle Show Results

The Texas Corriente Cattle Association would like to thank our sponsors, members, and contestants.
You are what make our Regional Corriente Cattle show a success!
Graham, Texas May 17 – 19, 2018


Calvin Schwartz: Females/Produce of Dam
Dusty Schwartz: Bulls/Performance/Get of Sire


Magnum 857 (A Ram Ranch)


Troubadour 401 (Ruby Rose Cattle Co)


Loretta 106 (D&K Corrientes)


Miley 377 (A Ram Ranch)


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Get to know your Board Candidates

We have two openings on the NACA Board of Directors in the next election. The election will be held in Gillette, WY during the Plains Area Corriente Cattle Show and Membership Meeting, Sept 19-21, 2019. Ballots will be emailed out to all active and lifetime members. You may mail in your completed ballot to the office, vote online, call the office or turn in your ballot during the membership meeting in September. One ballot is counted per membership number.

Thanks for being active in your Association. You make the NACA a great place to be.

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Upcoming Corriente Cattle Show – PACA 2019!!


2019 PACA Show: September 19 – 21, 2019


Ron Luikens, (308) 765-0170
Or Dave Kalasinsky (307)655-9489


Dusty Schwartz and Marvin Knutson (406) 223-1944


Calvin Schwartz– Females & Get of Sire
Dustin Schwartz – Bulls & Performance


Print Show Packet
Print Entry Forms
307-655-9489 or CLICK HERE TO EMAIL Ron Luikens

(forms may be scanned / emailed, with $ due on arrival @ show)

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2017 Plains Area Corriente Assn. Cattle Show & Ropings

Go to: Show Results Page

September 21st thru 23rd, 2017

Balmy fall weather greeted the PACA & guests, as they arrived in Gillette on Thursday. Sunny skies and 75 degrees couldn’t be beat for unloading cattle in preparation for the events that lay ahead.

Welcome New Exhibitor – Lazy TO Bar

Ron and Austin Luikens donned their rubber gloves and proceeded to slap more than 60 pairs of glue slathered hip tags on the cattle coming off the trailers to be penned. Ninety two individual class entries from the surrounding states and as far away as Oregon were on hand this year. After all the pens were filled, the exhibitors headed to the host hotel (Arbuckle Lodge) for the annual Welcome Wagon get-together that evening.

Thursday’s Fun Roping Winners!

Although the Breeders Roping was scheduled for Thursday night, it was decided to change it to Saturday morning before the Members Roping, due to lack of breeders available for Thursday night. In an effort to accustom the cattle to running in the barn prior to Show day, an impromptu “Fun Roping” was organized amongst those there. When the dust settled after the round robin, the father/son team of Dusty & Calvin Schwartz emerged with the win, followed by the pairing of Marvin Knutson with Calvin.

Friday morning found most everyone digging out coats for the Show, as temps had cooled by 30 degrees and a north wind whipped through the pens. With Dusty Schwartz judging bull classes (& Get of Sire) and Marvin critiquing females (cattle), the conformation pens were set to begin.

All the way from Oregon, the 6 Ranch’s “Cates Bull 308” led the way in the Mature Bull Class, followed by Diamond A Ranch “Diamond A Bull 32”. In Mature Cows, Austin Luikens cleaned up with his Panhandle Corrientes two entries of “Cates Cows 843 & 811” placing 1st and 2nd. M&S Management (Mark & Shelley Cain) edged out Smith Canyon Ranch’s entry of “4B Two Sox” with their homegrown 2 Yr Old Bull “Cain Bull 507” for a win in that class. The venerable Diamond A Cattle Co. placed their 2 Yr Old Cow “Diamond A Cow 514” ahead of relative newcomer Cavvietta Ranch’s “Garcia 511”.

Then came the yearling classes. Ron & Jan Luikens (Lazy L Bar) beat the Puckwana Flash’s entry with their “Lazy L Bar Corrientes Bull 61”, leaving “Diamond A Bull 69” sitting in 2nd. Tucker Ashley got his revenge next however, in Yearling Heifers by placing 1st and 2nd with “Diamond A Cows 60 & 69”.

Get of Sire Winners in a tough competition for 2017

The largest gathering of cattle and arguably the toughest to judge was next in line for Dusty to examine. Get of Sire this year had eight groupings, for a total of 24 head. M&S Management came out on top of this class, with the “Get of Mud Creek Bull 305”. Liza Jane McAllister’s 6 Ranch grouping of the “Get of Cates Bull 308” finished 2nd. The final conformation class of the day was Steers. Smith Canyon Ranch’s “Smith Canyon Grumpy” cheerfully placed in the number one spot, with “Diamond A Steer 56” right behind.

Winners of Roping Bull Class

By noon when the judging was to move into the barn for performance classes, most folks were sufficiently cold and gladly made their way indoors to watch Marvin work his magic judging the ‘action’ classes. Roping Bulls started things out with M&S Management placing their two bulls “Cain Bulls 629 & 627” in 1st and 2nd, respectively.

Then it happened…. 

The Heifers came in to get roped next.

Younger Generation took the win in the Roping Heifer class!

Theron Kalasinsky’s (Tiverton Ranch) heifer “Sweet 16” edged out his own parents placing with “Smith Canyon Claire” in 2nd….his sister Katy (Freezeout Corrientes) finished in 4th, behind another Smith Canyon entry. Needless to say, mom’s proud….and dad’s well… almost over it.

In Roping Steers, it was Smith Canyon in first with “Smith Canyon Bashful”, followed by Tucker’s “Diamond A Steer 50”. According to Marvin, the Same Sire Roping Cattle was a very tough call. Winning the class was Diamond A Cattle Co. with the “Get of Cain Bull 940”. In what turned out to be the first time he’s ever seen it, Marvin had an unbreakable tie for second place between SCR’s the “Get of Smith Canyon Sharky” and the “Get of Mud Creek 305”, owned by M&S Management.

At the conclusion of it all, the Grand and Reserve Champions were announced. In Roping Animals, M&S Management “Cain Bull 629” was Grand Champion. “Smith Canyon Bashful” was Reserve. ‘Number 5’ (Tucker) claimed Grand Champion Female with “Diamond A Cow 514”. Lucy & Alex Adamski (Cavvietta Ranch) took home Reserve. Our longest distance traveler made it worth the trip by bringing the Grand Champion Bull “Cates Bull 308”, owned by 6 Ranch. Reserve Champion Bull was “Diamond A Bull 32”, brought by the Ashleys.

After the judging was over & a short siesta, the group regathered in the motel for our Annual Meeting & Fundraiser Auction. Highlights of the discussions were:

  • Tucker talking about a potential buyer in the Black Hills that wants to promote naturally lean Corriente beef;
  • Marvin brought up the possibility of Montana shutting off “M” branded cattle & its affect on our markets;
  • Mark Cain gave an overview of the yearling bull they donated to be auctioned off at the banquet;
  • Ron Luikens discussed the PACA booth at the Black Hills Stock Show last winter, pros & cons, the group decided to do the booth again for BHSS 2018;
  • Dave Kalasinsky was elected as Assistant Roping Director (to Dusty), primarily in charge of pre-arranging performance class hired ropers for the show;
  • Group discussion for ideas, etc of looking into possibly moving the PACA Show to a different location at some point in an effort to draw more non-regional exhibitors.

After the meeting was adjorned, the Fundraiser Auction kicked off. There were many items generously donated by both members and businesses to help defray the cost of the Show. A fun time was has by all and $1200 generated.

Winners of Members Roping

Rain and cool weather continued on into Saturday as the ropers gathered in the barn for the Breeders and Members Ropings. Six breeders squared off and teamed up in a round robin format for the Breeders. Marvin Knutson (roping for Smith Canyon) and Mark Cain (M&S Mgt) came in as the winning team to take home the buckles. Silver Dollar Roping Cattle (Dusty Schwartz) paired with Mark Cain for second. In third was Dusty again with Ster Thrush. The same set of ropers then transitioned into the Members roping to see how things might shake out for a second time. The team of Dusty Schwartz and Mark Cain were victorious this time, with Ron Luikens and Ster finishing in second. It should be noted that Dusty carried his rope arm in a sling all weekend & told everyone about a “four wheeler accident”. Perhaps he was just resting it up (?). Seems as though he faired pretty well with it!

Awards Banquet was back in the Hotel later Saturday evening. Pokeys Smokehouse in Gillette once again catered a fine prime rib and chicken alfredo meal for the group prior to the festivities. Buckles and ribbons were spread amongst the exhibitors. Lazy TO Bar owners Scott Templeton & Kelly O’Dea of Gillette were recognized as our First Time Exhibitors for 2017. Added money checks were also handed out to the top three placements in each class. At the end of the evening, the yearling bull donated by Mark & Shelley Cain was sold by auction to new PACA members Jim & Pam Phipps from Nebraska.

As Sunday morning dawned, skies were clearing for the PACA family to load their cattle & horses and head into the wind toward home. It was a great weekend of visiting and enjoying Corriente cattle. Please make a note to come join the PACA in Gillette for 2018. September 20th is check-in day next fall. Mark your calendars!

Thanks to our Sponsors!

About the Author:
dave kalasinsky

Thank you to the author, NACA member #314 Dave Kalasinsky, of Smith Canyon Ranch in Dayton, Wyoming. He’s a longtime Corriente breeder and prior NACA Board Member.

He’s the kinda man that will always make you smile.

Why Should I Buy Registered Corriente Cattle?

Why Register | Why Buy Registered

Why should I buy registered Corriente stock?

There are so many reasons for registering your stock and buying registered stock, whether you are a breeder, roper or beef producer.

  1. Conservation: Registries are an essential part of breed conservation
  2. Education: Registries are a great source for learning more about the breed, its attributes, its history and how to raise them
  3. Breeding: Pedigrees ensure that an animal is purebred and its ancestry is known. This means it will breed true to type and produce consistent, replicable and predictable characteristics in its progeny.
  4. Diversity: Without a registry, you won’t be able to find breeders with known quality. The genetics will disappear or become too inline within a lifetime. Ask China what happened when they put the wall up and couldn’t access fresh genetics. If a country can’t keep up good genetic lines, you can’t on your ranch. You need other breeders with known quality.
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Why Should I Register My Corriente Cattle?

Why Register | Why Buy Registered

Who Should Register Stock?

The NACA Registry exists to preserve the Corriente Cattle bloodlines, and to support your ability to find quality Corriente Cattle, but you have a role too. The association is funded through your cattle registrations and transfers. Without them, the association, the herdbook and all the accompanying benefits, would cease to exist. We ask all members to register and transfer their stock to help support the preservation of this heritage breed.

Why You Should Register Your Corriente Cattle

Registering your cattle will increase the value of the herd well beyond the minor cost of the registration fees. Buyers place a premium on the knowledge that your herd does not include the genetics of other breeds. Registration Certificates and the accompanying pedigree back up the legitimacy of your herd and provide a history of each animal. Continue reading

What is the best age to castrate Corriente bull calves?

A question that I am often asked is, “what is the best age to castrate bull calves?” We have found that the closer the calves are to a year in age, the better horn they will grow. The testosterone is what makes the base of the horn thicker. So the longer the calves have circulating testosterone, the stouter the horns are going to be. Early castration will cause the horns to be skinny and not as desirable for a quality roping animal.

The two most common ways to castrate are surgical (knife cut) or mechanical (banding or Burdizzo.) We band our bulls because it is easier on the cattle and us. You should always contact your veterinarian to discuss which is the best method for your program.

About the Author:
russell barham

Thank you to the author, longtime Corriente breeder and NACA member #2152, Russell Barham, Barham Cattle Company of Madisonville, TX.
His cattle won both Grand Champion Roping Animal and Reserve Grand Champion Roping Animal at the 2016 National Show in Meridian, Mississippi.


Plains Area Corriente Assn. 2016 Regional Show & Ropings

Go to: Show Results Page

The summer of 2016 was an exceptionally dry season for northeast Wyoming. Things had not improved much by the time the PACA Show rolled around in late September, which isn’t necessarily bad weather to gather Corriente folks and cattle. Nary a tenth of an inch of rain had fallen all summer. Ten breeders, 55 head of cattle spread across 87 class entries showed up in Gillette for the beginning of what was shaping up to be a fine weekend. After unloading, tagging & penning the cattle, the assembled Corriente crew gathered in the arena for a BBQ feast hosted by the PACA (catered again by Pokeys Smokehouse). Everyone enjoyed catching up with old friends over supper prior to the Fundraiser Auction. It’s truly a family reunion when the PACA gets all these dear friends together every fall – seriously. Continue reading

Marketing Your Corriente Cattle (Part 1)

douglas-dale-june29-2016There are many different ways to market Corriente Cattle, but as with any business it must start with a plan. I have listed tips that I hope will help new, and maybe even some established, Corriente breeders to be more successful raising and marketing their cattle.

First, there are many variables in different areas of the country such as when is the best time to calve, availability of forage, cost effectiveness of supplemental feed, etc. However, as with any business, there are several things we need to look into. They are product (Corrientes), location, target customer, promotion and price. Continue reading

Upcoming ECCA Show

2017 Eastern Corriente Cattle Show: November 1 – 4, 2017


Douglas Dale (601-799-4819)


Douglas Dale


TBA – Females & Get of Sire
TBA – Bulls & Performance

View or Print Show Packet:

Show Packet

(forms may be scanned / emailed, with $ due on arrival @ show)

Click Links to See:
Show Schedule
Cattle Classes

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April 2016 TCCA Show Results

The Texas Corriente Cattle Association would like to thank our sponsors, members, and contestants. You are what make our Regional Corriente Cattle show a success!


Mud Creek Bull 511- Mud Creek Corrientes

Mud Creek Bull 511 – Mud Creek Corrientes


Mud Creek Bull 509 - Mud Creek Corrientes

Mud Creek Bull 509 – Mud Creek Corrientes


American Cow 259 - Ruby Rose Cattle Co

American Cow 259 – Ruby Rose Cattle Co


A RAM Cow Terry 261 - Tyler & Tim Raley

A RAM Cow Terry 261 – Tyler & Tim Raley


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