NACA Corriente Cattle Shine in the SouthEast

PCA-logoNorth American Corriente Association breeders were asked to supply the team roping cattle for the Professional Cowboys Finals Rodeo and the Dixie National Quarter Horse Show!

NACA breeders and stock contractors, Douglas Dale of Dale Cattle Co. and Tony Wilson of 4W Corrientes,  supplied the cattle for the 20th annual PCFR held in Biloxi, Mississippi January 16th-19th, 2015.  The top 15 headers & heelers from the Southeast as well as the top 15 competitors in the other rodeo events battled it out for the title of CHAMPION.

During and after the rodeo, nearly half the team ropers personally found the stock contractors and told them “That was the best set of cattle we have ever roped at the finals” or literally thanked them for bringing to cattle so it could roping contest and not a drawing contest. Continue reading

Texas Corriente Cattle Assoc 2015 Show Results

The Texas Corriente Cattle Association would like to thank you for your support. The sponsors, members, and contestants are what make our Regional show a success.


Rose Bull 362 – Ruby Rose Cattle Co
GC Bull & All Around


Coffelt Bull Phantom 309 – American Roping Cattle

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Branding Basics – Part 2

To register your Corriente, every animal must have either a number brand or an ear tattoo for identification. You may know all about branding, but just in case you don’t, we have some great basic information that will help you get started!  (go to part 1)

Number Branding Cattle What number branding system should I use?

This is one of the more frequent questions asked by those who are just starting to register their corriente cattle. NACA leaves it up to the individual to set up their own number branding system. Continue reading

Branding Basics – Part 1

To register your Corriente, every animal must have either a number brand or an ear tattoo for identification. You may know all about branding, but just in case you don’t, we have some great basic information that will help you get started! (go to part 2)

For those lucky enough to have grown up on a ranch, branding time may bring a rush of fond memories. For newcomers in the cattle business, it can be downright intimidating. Though procedures vary from ranch to ranch, the basics of branding stay the same.

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Sept 2014 National Show Results: Gillette, WY

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It was a National show that brought:
….. spectacular weather,
….. impressive cattle in both confirmation as well as performance classes,
….. a little guitar playin’,
….. unlimited laughter,
….. multiple birthday celebrations and one 55th anniversary!
How much fun can one have in just a few days?
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Visual Inspection of Corriente Cows

There’s a shortage of Registered Corriente Cattle out there

  • You want to become a breeder…but it’s been tough to find registered breeding stock to buy or
  • Maybe you have a herd already, and wished you had registered “her”, but now you can’t figure out her pedigree for the life of you?

Good news…the NACA launched a new program on 1 April 2014 –


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National Show 2013 – Memories to be held

NACA 2013 National Cattle SNOW & Ropings

Well, it was bound to happen. In thirty one years of NACA history and countless gatherings & shows, this one was memorable in its own unique way. It could be said that the event should have been called the NACA 2013 National Cattle SNOW & Ropings! To the best of recollection, there has never before been a show shut down due to a blizzard. What a weekend it was. Continue reading

October 2013 NACA National Show Results: Gillette, WY

Neither deep snow, nor cold could keep this group from creating great times, and great memories…. Continue reading

The Corriente Cattle Breed

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Corriente Cattle: Unique Traits | Economic Advantages | Environmentally Friendly | Conformation | Judging Guidelines | Color Brochure | History of Corriente | Videos: Learning About Corriente | Request More Information
corriente cattle line
The Unique Corriente Breed
Corriente cattleCorrientes are raised primarily for sports cattle, while preserving such natural attributes as high fertility, early maturity, trouble-free calving, and foraging efficiency, as well as disease and parasite resistance. This unique breed differs greatly in conformation, behavior and hardiness from cattle raised only for meat. Most of the production problems experienced by today’s cattlemen are a result of increasing size and weight in order to fit the current commodity market. Corrientes remain untainted by the manipulative animal husbandry which has affected and weakened many domestic animals. Continue reading

Demanding More Supply

I hope everyone has gotten off to a super 2013 and that the weather is treating you right!!

We have been very blessed with some significant rainfall, high cattle prices and strong demand for Corriente in our Texas hometown. That’ why I’m writing this literary masterpiece …

DEMANDING MORE SUPPLY – Everywhere we go

High School Rodeos, Roping or Bulldogging you hear the same complaint… that the cattle are old and worn out.

Why? The demand for good stock far outweighs the supply.
The great demand and high prices have caught most of us by surprise because it really has happened fairly quickly.
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