Excerpt from an Old Corriente Corresponder -1984

Since taking on the position of the Executive Director of the NACA, I have always been intrigued by its history, all of the far-fetched stories, and also the bloodlines.  So, since it was a wet and dreary weekend, I dug out past Corresponders and started from the very beginning.  Wow, is all that I can say. And I feel such gratefulness for the founding fathers that put this association together-for us and for future generations.  Talk about a good group of knowledgeable, well liked Cowboys and Cowgirls full of integrity that came together to form this association.  Here is an excerpt from one of the first Corriente Corresponders:

“True Corrientes have become more and more difficult to find.  Tighter controls on the Mexican border have restricted importation of the pure mexican stock.  The mexicans themselves are turning more to beef animals, so the original Corriente may be headed for extinction.”

“In order to preserve these unique and valuable animals, a group of Corriente breeders in the western United States and Canada recently formed the North American Corriente Association.  The purpose of the association is to promote the expanded use of this outstanding rodeo animal, and to institute and monitor a registered breeding program to preserve the true breed and make it available for the fast growing rodeo circuit.  A buyer of registered cattle will be assured that the animals possess the traditional attributes of the Corriente.”

“The Association was organized as a non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of Montana, with its principal offices in Billings, Montana.  Bylaws, Rules & Regulations governing membership and registration were adopted at the organizational meeting held October 16, 1982.  The formal registry has now been established, and the Association is accepting applications for membership and registration.”

So if you are wondering what kind of organization we are, let me tell you, I have three full binders of history, bloodlines, and very educational pieces here in front of me-every one of these newsletters was put together by our membership that is full of knowledge and integrity!  Join our group, you won’t be disappointed!

Why Should I Buy Registered Corriente Cattle?

Why Register | Why Buy Registered

Why should I buy registered Corriente stock?

There are so many reasons for registering your stock and buying registered stock, whether you are a breeder, roper or beef producer.

  1. Conservation: Registries are an essential part of breed conservation
  2. Education: Registries are a great source for learning more about the breed, its attributes, its history and how to raise them
  3. Breeding: Pedigrees ensure that an animal is purebred and its ancestry is known. This means it will breed true to type and produce consistent, replicable and predictable characteristics in its progeny.
  4. Diversity: Without a registry, you won’t be able to find breeders with known quality. The genetics will disappear or become too inline within a lifetime. Ask China what happened when they put the wall up and couldn’t access fresh genetics. If a country can’t keep up good genetic lines, you can’t on your ranch. You need other breeders with known quality.
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Why Should I Register My Corriente Cattle?

Why Register | Why Buy Registered

Who Should Register Stock?

The NACA Registry exists to preserve the Corriente Cattle bloodlines, and to support your ability to find quality Corriente Cattle, but you have a role too. The association is funded through your cattle registrations and transfers. Without them, the association, the herdbook and all the accompanying benefits, would cease to exist. We ask all members to register and transfer their stock to help support the preservation of this heritage breed.

Why You Should Register Your Corriente Cattle

Registering your cattle will increase the value of the herd well beyond the minor cost of the registration fees. Buyers place a premium on the knowledge that your herd does not include the genetics of other breeds. Registration Certificates and the accompanying pedigree back up the legitimacy of your herd and provide a history of each animal. Continue reading

What is the best age to castrate Corriente bull calves?

A question that I am often asked is, “what is the best age to castrate bull calves?” We have found that the closer the calves are to a year in age, the better horn they will grow. The testosterone is what makes the base of the horn thicker. So the longer the calves have circulating testosterone, the stouter the horns are going to be. Early castration will cause the horns to be skinny and not as desirable for a quality roping animal.

The two most common ways to castrate are surgical (knife cut) or mechanical (banding or Burdizzo.) We band our bulls because it is easier on the cattle and us. You should always contact your veterinarian to discuss which is the best method for your program.

About the Author:
russell barham

Thank you to the author, longtime Corriente breeder and NACA member #2152, Russell Barham, Barham Cattle Company of Madisonville, TX.
His cattle won both Grand Champion Roping Animal and Reserve Grand Champion Roping Animal at the 2016 National Show in Meridian, Mississippi.


Marketing Your Corriente Cattle (Part 1)

douglas-dale-june29-2016There are many different ways to market Corriente Cattle, but as with any business it must start with a plan. I have listed tips that I hope will help new, and maybe even some established, Corriente breeders to be more successful raising and marketing their cattle.

First, there are many variables in different areas of the country such as when is the best time to calve, availability of forage, cost effectiveness of supplemental feed, etc. However, as with any business, there are several things we need to look into. They are product (Corrientes), location, target customer, promotion and price. Continue reading

Branding Basics – Part 2

To register your Corriente, every animal must have either a number brand or an ear tattoo for identification. You may know all about branding, but just in case you don’t, we have some great basic information that will help you get started!  (go to part 1)

Number Branding Cattle What number branding system should I use?

This is one of the more frequent questions asked by those who are just starting to register their corriente cattle. NACA leaves it up to the individual to set up their own number branding system. Continue reading

Branding Basics – Part 1

To register your Corriente, every animal must have either a number brand or an ear tattoo for identification. You may know all about branding, but just in case you don’t, we have some great basic information that will help you get started! (go to part 2)

For those lucky enough to have grown up on a ranch, branding time may bring a rush of fond memories. For newcomers in the cattle business, it can be downright intimidating. Though procedures vary from ranch to ranch, the basics of branding stay the same.

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The Corriente Cattle Breed

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Corriente Cattle: Unique Traits | Economic Advantages | Environmentally Friendly | Conformation | Judging Guidelines | Color Brochure | History of Corriente | Videos: Learning About Corriente | Request More Information
corriente cattle line
The Unique Corriente Breed
Corriente cattleCorrientes are raised primarily for sports cattle, while preserving such natural attributes as high fertility, early maturity, trouble-free calving, and foraging efficiency, as well as disease and parasite resistance. This unique breed differs greatly in conformation, behavior and hardiness from cattle raised only for meat. Most of the production problems experienced by today’s cattlemen are a result of increasing size and weight in order to fit the current commodity market. Corrientes remain untainted by the manipulative animal husbandry which has affected and weakened many domestic animals. Continue reading

Economic Observations from a rancher

Some observations I have seen through the years…
Generally a rancher can run TWO Corriente cows on the same ground it takes to support ONE ordinary beef cow.

SO at today’s market value……
that means an ordinary beef cow will raise and wean off a 500-600 lb beef calf which will bring in a market value of $700 – $1000, depending on where you are.

BUT lets say you put TWO Corriente cows on that same piece of ground…..
Each Corriente brings in a market value between $600 – $700. This means the same piece of ground yields an income of $1,200 – $1,400!!

You can walk home with between $200 – $700 more in your pocket with Corriente!!

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A.I. vs. Natural Breeding (Part 1 of Series)

Calves are being born left and right, and every day we are being bombarded with advertisements for bull sales and the next great A.I. sire. So how do you decide whether to spend the extra money on a top notch herd bull or buy semen on that great looking bull in the magazine?

First off, I am not going to tell you one way is better than the other. That is up to you to decide after looking at both your goals and resources. I will give you the pros and cons of each. Continue reading

AI – Heat Synchronizing Heifers and Cows

Before I even start this blog, I want to say that my approach is “less is more” when it comes to using hormones to A.I. cows or heifers. That being said, life is not perfect, and we can not set aside our entire life for 30-60 days to get all of our cattle A.I.ed at the perfect time. There are many different regimens that I use to synchronize, but they all include at least 2 of the following drugs: Lutalyse, Cystorelin, and CIDRs. I will highlight my 3 favorite regimens. Continue reading