Why Should I Register My Corriente Cattle?

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Who Should Register Stock?

The NACA Registry exists to preserve the Corriente Cattle bloodlines, and to support your ability to find quality Corriente Cattle, but you have a role too. The association is funded through your cattle registrations and transfers. Without them, the association, the herdbook and all the accompanying benefits, would cease to exist. We ask all members to register and transfer their stock to help support the preservation of this heritage breed.

Why You Should Register Your Corriente Cattle

Registering your cattle will increase the value of the herd well beyond the minor cost of the registration fees. Buyers place a premium on the knowledge that your herd does not include the genetics of other breeds. Registration Certificates and the accompanying pedigree back up the legitimacy of your herd and provide a history of each animal. Continue reading

Plains Area Corriente Assn. 2016 Regional Show & Ropings

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The summer of 2016 was an exceptionally dry season for northeast Wyoming. Things had not improved much by the time the PACA Show rolled around in late September, which isn’t necessarily bad weather to gather Corriente folks and cattle. Nary a tenth of an inch of rain had fallen all summer. Ten breeders, 55 head of cattle spread across 87 class entries showed up in Gillette for the beginning of what was shaping up to be a fine weekend. After unloading, tagging & penning the cattle, the assembled Corriente crew gathered in the arena for a BBQ feast hosted by the PACA (catered again by Pokeys Smokehouse). Everyone enjoyed catching up with old friends over supper prior to the Fundraiser Auction. It’s truly a family reunion when the PACA gets all these dear friends together every fall – seriously. Continue reading

Marketing Your Corriente Cattle (Part 1)

douglas-dale-june29-2016There are many different ways to market Corriente Cattle, but as with any business it must start with a plan. I have listed tips that I hope will help new, and maybe even some established, Corriente breeders to be more successful raising and marketing their cattle.

First, there are many variables in different areas of the country such as when is the best time to calve, availability of forage, cost effectiveness of supplemental feed, etc. However, as with any business, there are several things we need to look into. They are product (Corrientes), location, target customer, promotion and price. Continue reading

NACA Corriente Cattle Shine in the SouthEast

PCA-logoNorth American Corriente Association breeders were asked to supply the team roping cattle for the Professional Cowboys Finals Rodeo and the Dixie National Quarter Horse Show!

NACA breeders and stock contractors, Douglas Dale of Dale Cattle Co. and Tony Wilson of 4W Corrientes,  supplied the cattle for the 20th annual PCFR held in Biloxi, Mississippi January 16th-19th, 2015.  The top 15 headers & heelers from the Southeast as well as the top 15 competitors in the other rodeo events battled it out for the title of CHAMPION.

During and after the rodeo, nearly half the team ropers personally found the stock contractors and told them “That was the best set of cattle we have ever roped at the finals” or literally thanked them for bringing to cattle so it could roping contest and not a drawing contest. Continue reading

Visual Inspection of Corriente Cows

There’s a shortage of Registered Corriente Cattle out there

  • You want to become a breeder…but it’s been tough to find registered breeding stock to buy or
  • Maybe you have a herd already, and wished you had registered “her”, but now you can’t figure out her pedigree for the life of you?

Good news…the NACA launched a new program on 1 April 2014 –


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Demanding More Supply

I hope everyone has gotten off to a super 2013 and that the weather is treating you right!!

We have been very blessed with some significant rainfall, high cattle prices and strong demand for Corriente in our Texas hometown. That’ why I’m writing this literary masterpiece …

DEMANDING MORE SUPPLY – Everywhere we go

High School Rodeos, Roping or Bulldogging you hear the same complaint… that the cattle are old and worn out.

Why? The demand for good stock far outweighs the supply.
The great demand and high prices have caught most of us by surprise because it really has happened fairly quickly.
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