Board of Directors and Advisory Board

Ricky L. Mara – President (term 2018)
9701 US Hwy 380E, Jacksboro, TX 76458 • 940-389-6859A native North Texan, Ricky Mara was destined to be in the cattle industry. His grandparents were in the dairy business on one side and the cattle hauling business on the other. He learned from a very early age about care, nutrition and how to work cattle. He has been fortunate to have his employment in the cattle business for the past 10 years, which not only keeps him abreast of new ideas on health and daily ranch management of a large herd, but also he stays up-to-date with the current market values on both beef cattle and our Corriente cattle. This knowledge helps him to be able to market our cattle profitably.

Ricky began breeding and showing NACA Corriente Cattle in 1999. It has become his passion in life. He has been dedicated & determined in not only the breeding aspect, but also the showing as he has been to numerous NACA National & Regional shows. He has always been supportive in helping out any member that would need his help to work the show or even always ready for questions, advice and discussion of this great breed of cattle.

Ricky also currently serves as President of the TCCA.

He welcomes any and all who might be interested in NACA Corriente Cattle to join our Association and enjoy the breed as he and his wife Carol do.

Dale Nauman (term 2017)
205 East Commercial, Gettysburg, SD 57442 • 605-765-2885

Rancher, Auctioneer, livestock equipment dealer.
Education: Yep. Been thru droughts, blizzards, floods, fires and about 30 years of knowing “Tommy Ashley”. Have a BS and a Masters in BS. Served on Volunteer Fire Dept. 30 years, Fire Chief prior to retiring. Been an auctioneer for 22 years. Served on a few state and local boards. 18 years on the CEB. 22 years on the PCFB. 11 years on SDSU SEAB. President of fairboard for past 9 years. Director on SDFE. Current President of South Dakota Auctioneers Association. etc

Been married to my wife Sandy ever since the wedding. We have 3 children and 3 granddaughters. Have a commercial cow/calf operation along with a herd of mostly registered corrientes. Due to the impending drought which for us started better than a year ago we are down on our numbers.

Having sold a lot of cattle working equipment, I now know what works and what doesn’t. Now I build some of my own.

I believe the NACA is in a forward motion. Thanks to the Past President and some other members who had the insight to realize that a change was needed. Given time for the transition, I believe the NACA, as well as every regional association can achieve the goals originally envisioned by the founding members along with new goals brought forth by the members of this Association. All we need is a seed or an idea to grow from. Collective thinking is the strength of an organization. Remember: there is no I in TEAM.

Do not be afraid to share an idea. Big or small.

Russell Drury (term 2019)
530 Sycamore Road, Carriere, MS 39426 • 601-799-3550

Active Member of NACA – 1987 to Present
Occupation: Employed by USDA/Agricultural Research Service for 12 years
Education: Mississippi State University,
B.S. Animal Science 1999.
Organizations: USTRC, WSTR, Deep South team ropers Assn.
I have attended numerous national and regional NACA sanctioned shows in every region of the U S. My wife Tonia and I run 40 Full blood Corriente mother cows on a small farm in southern Mississippi. It has been a privilege to be associated with such a great organization such as the NACA.

calvin schwartzCalvin Schwartz – Vice President (term 2018)
Mullen, Nebraska
Occupation: Cattle Logistics Assistant
Education: Associate of Science Degree
Regional Shows Attended: 31
National Shows Attended: 20


  • NACA Member Membership #75 Joined 1985
  • PACA President 5yrs Current President PACA
  • PACA Vice-President 3yrs
  • PACA Show Manager 4yrs
  • NACA Sanctioned Judge 1996 Judged 18 sanctioned shows

We started raising Corrientes before we started our family; our whole family is avid team ropers. I grew up on a dairy farm and have been blessed to be involved in the cattle industry my whole life. Our Corrientes has been and still is our family’s main enjoyment in and out of the arena.
My goal in life is to leave everything better than it was when I became involved with it. I will carry this philosophy with me as I serve my Corriente friends on the NACA Board of Directors. My goal for the NACA is to help strengthen its roots to help it grow and become more financially stable.

douglas daleDouglas Dale (term 2019)
PO Box 713, Mcneil, MS 39457 • 601-799-4819I am a third generation cattleman and have been the full-time ranch manager for Rocking T Bar ranch for the last 19 years. I graduated from Mississippi State University in 1994 with a degree in Agricultural Economics.

Having been an avid team roper for 28 years, I began to appreciate the durability of corriente roping cattle many years ago. My wife, Patty, and I began buying corriente roping cattle from NACA breeders in 2002 for practice cattle but began to produce team ropings in 2003. As we produced more and bigger ropings, the demand for good stock increased. I began buying a select group of heifers from reputable NACA breeders as well as steers. We selected only the heifers that roped the best for the longest to start our cow herd. We only bought cattle from breeders that did the same.

We now have over 100 head of corriente females with the majority being NACA registered. Not only do I enjoy producing numbers of good roping stock, my focus has turned to producing high quality seed stock especially for the Eastern U.S.

My wife and i have been members of the Eastern Corriente Association since it’s beginning and I am serving my 4th term as president of the ECA.

With the high demand for corriente roping cattle, now is the prime opportunity for someone to become an NACA breeder. With the down markets of a few years ago and the severe drought in the heart of corriente country the last several years, I believe the NACA breeders that have stuck it out should be paid a premium for the cream of the crop that they have preserved. These devout breeders have only kept the very best cattle through these hard times and we as an association will only benefit from the intense culling that was done.

I know, as in any breed, there are those who produce numbers and those who produce seed stock. At this time the numbers aren’t there. It is a prime opportunity as NACA breeders to work together and grow this association to its former glory.

With your support, I would like to make sure this terrific breed of cattle will continue to gain the recognition it deserves.

NACA Advisory Board

Tucker Ashley
Diamond A Ashley Cattle Company
RR 1, Box 100
Pukwana, SD 57370
(605) 778-6885
Virginia Cates
Cates Ranch
5469 State Hwy 120
Wagon Mound, NM 877752
(575) 666-2360
Fred Knoblick
Knoblick Ranches Ltd.
RR #1
Bashaw, Alberta T0B 0H0
Marvin Knutson
Lamar Ranching Company
81 Pool Creek Road
Livingston, MT 59047
David Lewis
Sunnybrook Ranch
28599 Sunnybrook Rd
Hot Springs, SD 57747
Liza Jane McAlister
6 Ranch, Inc.
66799 Sunrise Rd.,
Enterprise, OR 97828
Bill Mundorf
11799 Indian Canyon Rd
Edgemont, SD 57735
Craig Nichols
7892 NE Quaale Rd
Madras, OR 97741
(406) 223-5789
Jack Catesdeceased
Darrell Currieemeritus
Larry Martinemeritus