Board of Directors and Advisory Board

calvin schwartzCalvin Schwartz – President (term ends 2021)

Address: Mullen, Nebraska
Phone: (308) 546-0510
Occupation: Cattle Logistics Assistant
Education: Associate of Science Degree
Regional Shows Attended: 31
National Shows Attended: 20


  • NACA Member Membership #75 Joined 1985
  • PACA President 5yrs Current President PACA
  • PACA Vice-President 3yrs
  • PACA Show Manager 4yrs
  • NACA Sanctioned Judge 1996 Judged 18 sanctioned shows

We started raising Corrientes before we started our family; our whole family is avid team ropers. I grew up on a dairy farm and have been blessed to be involved in the cattle industry my whole life. Our Corrientes has been and still is our family’s main enjoyment in and out of the arena.
My goal in life is to leave everything better than it was when I became involved with it. I will carry this philosophy with me as I serve my Corriente friends on the NACA Board of Directors. My goal for the NACA is to help strengthen its roots to help it grow and become more financially stable.

David “Uno” Woodham (term ends 2021) Secretary

Address: 187 Jamar Dr. Weatherford TX 76088
phone:(817) 271-0340
Occupation: Semi Retired
Education: Associates degree, Applied Aircraft Science, CCAF
Regional Shows Attended: 5
National Shows Attended: 3

Organizations: Texas Corriente Association “Board Member”, USAF Sergeants Association, USTRC

I became interested in raising a few cattle strictly for meat back in 2012-2013; I met David Rose though a family connection and he convinced me to forget the beef cattle, the Corriente breed was the way to go, easier to work, less expensive to feed and we can rope them. I started slow with 3 Wagon Mound Heifers I bought from Ricky Mara and have increased my herd to 22 cows plus calves by the end of 2018. I grew up with a love for rodeo and spent my time at the bucking chute end of the arena. After I finally decided I was too old to still try and ride bulls I knew it was time to start roping and having the Corriente cattle was my segue to team roping opportunities. I retired from the USAF in 1995 and went to work for Yamaha and retired from there in 2017. Since retirement I’ve been full time in the Corriente business with David Rose, we share several lease pastures so I’m able to be around our herds almost daily. I’m single with an extensive family scattered across N. Texas.

Goals for NACA/Why you are interested in being on the Board:
My reason for wanting to be a board member for the NACA is pretty simple, I want to grow this association and breed. I think the past board members have done an outstanding job in promoting the breed and I’d like to see how I can help moving it to the next level. We already know the Corriente is the best option for the team roper or the bulldogger; I want to see how we can grow the beef side of this business and capitalize on the full potential of our cattle. I’d spend my time, working with others in doing to see that happen. There are already many current members who have found a way to grow this market. Though our beef conference calls I’ve had the opportunity to hear a lot of great ideas. I’d like to take that a step farther and I think by being active on the board I could help us maximize the opportunities for all breeders.

rick schlutzRick Schlutz – Secretary (term 2020) Vice President

Address: 41610 270th Avenue, Russell, Iowa 50238
Phone: (641) 535-2483
Family: Wife, Kathy (of 50 years); two children; five grandchildren
Occupation: Iowa State Conservation Officer/Retired;
Corriente cattle rancher
Education: BS, Iowa State University
Regional Shows Attended: 5
National Shows Attended: 3

Organizations: Iowa Cattlemen’s Association, Iowa Food Cooperative, and NACA; we have been life members of NACA since 1999.

We started raising Corrientes back in the 1990’s while our son attended Fort Scott Community College and Panhandle State University on rodeo scholarship. We were just going to raise our own practice cattle. Now we have about 90 mama cows and 300 performance cattle. We sell some calves, lease team roping cattle, lease cattle for tailings, and sell a few heifers each year. We also have a packaged meat business. We sell Corriente grass-fed, free-range beef mostly in the Des Moines metro area and across Iowa. The labor for all of this is divided between my wife and I as well as our son and his family. We also started a Corriente and roping cattle sale in Russell, Iowa. This year will be our 6th annual sale.

I would like to be on the NACA Board of Directors because I think the future for our chosen breed is bright. I would like to help guide the Association along so that all of the members can take advantage of the opportunities that are out there.

The beef aspect of the breed is huge. Every metropolitan area in the country is a mostly untapped market for our beef. The taste, tenderness and health benefits of Corriente beef are as good as, or better than, any other brand of cattle going. The Corriente cow is a perfect fit for open-minded entrepreneurial people who want to take full advantage of their opportunities.

Ray Radford -Board Member (term 2022)

Address:  576 Shirley Road, Smyrna TN
Phone:  (615)-759-7773
Family:  Wife Doris of 30 years
Occupation:  Full-time Farmer
Education:  Some College
Regional Shows Attended:  10
National Shows Attended:  4

ORGANIZATIONS:  President of Young Farmers & Homemakers-8 years, President of Rutherford County Cattlemen’s Assn-6 years, President Music City Corriente Assn-5 years, Active member of the Lighthouse Baptist Church since 1999.

My first love was hunting and fishing.  When I found out you could make a dollar with cows, well, they moved up on the list.  I believe in putting time into children.  We run 250 head of purebred corrientes and have been doing this as a full time job for the last 16 years.

I believe we as Corriente breeders have one of the most marketable products.  There are processing plants across the US that will buy cattle off of the pasture and pay you retail price.  This is equal or more than a sale barn would pay.  This will keep cheap priced cattle off the market, this helps us protect our market.  When we protect our market these corriente’s will demand fair and better prices. Locating and making available these processors is a good start.

Audie Morris-Board Member (term 2022)

Address:  3943 Farm Rd 2265, Chico, TX  76431
Phone:  (817)-991-5237

I grew up in Chico Texas where I still live, on the same ranch that’s been in my family since 1888.  I’ve raised cattle and grown hay at this ranch for the last 60 plus years.

I attended college at the greatest university in Texas, Texas A&M where I majored in “Cows and Plows” and graduated in 1978.

I married my wife Lynn 38 years ago, we have a daughter and two grandchildren who I’ve already started in the Corriente business and they are current NACA members.

I was a professional fire fighter for 28 years and retired in 2016 and now between Team Roping, raising cattle and hay I’m certainly enjoying the “retired” life.

I first got into the Corriente cattle breed back in 2012, I’ve continued to raise beef cattle but have grown to love the Corriente cow, their versatility, hardiness, ease of maintenance makes them a true joy to work with and it’s always fun to rope your own cattle.

I wanted to throw my hat in the ring for a position on the NACA board because I believe I can bring my past experiences as a cattle breeder and roper and offer a new insight to the board and participate as a team member with the great group already in place.

Dale Nauman-Board Member (term 2021)

Address:  205 East Commercial, Gettysburg, SD  57442
Phone:  (605)-765-2885

I am a rancher and auctioneer and live in Gettysburg, South Dakota.  I own the Tumbling “7” Ranch, where I run between 90-100 female Corrientes that I sell for roping, dogging, and breeding cattle.  I have previously served on the NACA board of directors.  I have also served on the fair board, the extension board for more than 20 years, and the State Extension Advisory Board of South Dakota State University for 13 years.  I am a former president and director of the South Dakota Auctioneers Assn and the South Dakota Assn of Fairs and Events.  I am a member of the National Rifle Assn, Ducks Unlimited, and the American Legion.  I have attended more than 10 regional shows and 6 national shows.  My wife Sandy and I have been married for half a century and have three children, six grand children, and one great grandson.

My goals for the NACA are and should always be never ending.  Memberships are the basis for any organization.  It is a must in order to support the programs within the association.  With the new secretary continuing the programs already in place, I’m confident there will be new ideas coming forward.  I appreciate the opportunity that was given tome to serve on the board of directors previously and would be willing to serve again.  I prefer face to face meetings when possible.  “When you have people sit down at a table, ideas seem to come out more easily than over the phone.”

Tim Hargis-Board Member (term 2020)

Address:  37296 Hwy 295, Hindsville, AR  72738
Phone:  (479)-789-5771

Our family runs approximately 150 head of cattle and 50 head of Corriente Cattle on the fourth generation family ranch we are currently rebuilding in Hindsville, Arkansas.  I have a bachelors degree in business from Arkansas Tech University, where I was a member of several sports organizations.  I am a former member of the AQHA, president of two civic clubs and currently serve on the board of the Business and Industry Foundations.  I have also coached youth baseball for a number of years and am a Vietnam Veteran.  My wife, is a retired school teacher.  We have a son in the ranching business and a daughter who works in the environment industry.

My goals for the NACA are to improve the success of the Corriente cattle industry, help make a mover available market for Corriente beef, and to increase the demand for the breed.  “We have a very underrated and unknown breed that can become a much larger part of the cattle industry with the right presentation.  I would like to learn more from experienced people in the industry and work together and accomplish increasing the success of Corriente Cattle.”

NACA Advisory Board

Tucker Ashley
Diamond A Ashley Cattle Company
RR 1, Box 100
Pukwana, SD 57370
(605) 778-6885
Virginia Cates
Cates Ranch
5469 State Hwy 120
Wagon Mound, NM 877752
(575) 666-2360
Fred Knoblick
Knoblick Ranches Ltd.
RR #1
Bashaw, Alberta T0B 0H0
Marvin Knutson
Lamar Ranching Company
81 Pool Creek Road
Livingston, MT 59047
David Lewis
Sunnybrook Ranch
28599 Sunnybrook Rd
Hot Springs, SD 57747
Liza Jane McAlister
6 Ranch, Inc.
66799 Sunrise Rd.,
Enterprise, OR 97828
Bill Mundorf
11799 Indian Canyon Rd
Edgemont, SD 57735
Craig Nichols
7892 NE Quaale Rd
Madras, OR 97741
(406) 223-5789
Jack Catesdeceased
Darrell Currieemeritus
Larry Martinemeritus