Corriente Beef

There’s no doubt about it. Corriente Beef has been discovered.


  • Naturally low in fat.
  • Naturally low in cholesterol.
  • Naturally low calorie.
  • Naturally Delicious.

Corriente beef flavor is like no other and it naturally marbles to bring tenderness and juiciness to each bite


We have a product that is perfect for our healthy, humane and environmentally conscious consumers, and as Corriente breeders we need to take advantage of this market.

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Show Me the Numbers:

Ok, so we know that the beef analysis will vary according to how you feed out your cattle, but here’s a sample analysis from NACA Lifetime Member, 6 Ranch, comparing the cholesterol, fat content and calories of their Corriente Beef against Conventional Beef, Pork Chops and Chinook Salmon.

Further Studies Show….

In 1999, the Cattleman’s Texas Longhorn Registry led a study to determine the feasibility of a branded beef cooperative for cattle of Spanish descent. The results were compared with two brands of beef available to the consumer, Certified Angus Beef (CAB),and Goldstar (GS). The trials were conducted by non-biased parties at New Mexico State University, West Texas A & M, and Clemson University.

Conclusions of these studies indicated that Spanish descent cattle can finish appropriately in a feedlot setting and can produce lean, choice-grading carcasses. The steaks tested:

  1. were as tender or more tender than CAB
  2. compared favorably with CAB for aroma desirability, flavor desirability and intensity
  3. were lower in total fat (about one half the total fat of CAB)
  4. were lower than CAB in saturated fatty acids and were higher in unsaturated fatty acids
  5. were higher than CAB in crude protein.

The research is completed, and the results are available for us to use. We have a product that is perfect for our healthy, humane and environmentally conscious consumers, and as Corriente breeders we need to take advantage of this market.

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Taste – Naturally DELICIOUS

We believe Corriente Beef is unbeatable when it comes to taste, but here’s what others are saying:

Corriente Beef in the News:

(Article excerpt from 1859 Magazine, “Oregon’s Seven Edible Wonders“, September 5, 2016)

Farm-to-table dining in Eastern Oregon beckons beef as the centerpiece of the meal. After all, this is cowboy country, where herds of happy cattle roam free on the open range. In a trip to Eastern Oregon, you can stock your freezer with some of the most flavorful and nutritious beef in the country.

“We provide food that is good for the land, good for the consumer and good for us, as producers,” said Liza Jane McAlister, owner of 6 Ranch in Enterprise. “When I was growing up, my family had a tradition of Sunday night burgers. Friends and neighbors would just show up. My mom would keep making burgers until everyone was fed.” What intrigued us most about 6 Ranch is its “always open” farm stand on the main thoroughfare between Lostine and Enterprise. McAlister’s heartwarming stand came into existence after she had the opportunity to attend Slow Food Terra Madre in Italy.

“Highway 82 runs through the middle of our ranch. We watch so much of the food we raise here being trucked out. It was challenging for the people who live here to access the food raised here,” McAlister said. “So, in 2011, we built a farm stand on our ranch that we stock with our grass-fed beef, lamb, eggs, honey and produce. It is open twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week to serve the local community.”

We begged McAlister to share her family’s coveted burger recipe and were surprised to learn it’s a dish that requires no written recipe. Because the beef is so fresh and flavorful, her family adds no fillers or seasonings to the meat (not even salt).

The 6 Ranch burger can be found on the menu at Terminal Gravity Brewery, the sought-after watering hole for locals and tourists. Terminal Gravity represents the spirit of the Wallowa Mountains with its local-ingredient driven menu and refreshing IPAs. Simplicity at its best.

(Article excerpt from Sunset Magazine, “Wallowa County’s food, wilderness, and arts are worth the trek“, September 2016)

Your guide to Oregon’s Wallowa County
Wallowa County’s food, wilderness, and arts are worth the trek

Terminal Gravity Brewing Order a local beer and a Corriente beef burger and sit at the picnic tables in the yard. $; 803 S.E. School St., Enterprise.