Corriente Corresponder- November 2013

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Updates from the Board…

HOWDY! What a beautiful fall we are having in North Central Texas!

The NACA National Show, Convention & Team Roping Event in Gillette, Wyoming was a great time with plenty of cold and snow for an eskimo party!! Thanks to all the Plains Area Corriente Association members for their hard work and extra time spent to make the show a huge success.

Mark your calendars: NACA 2014 National Show & Team Roping

September 24-28, 2014.

Newly Elected Board Members:

Please help me welcome our newest NACA Board of Director: (drum roll please)….

  • Douglas Dale of McNeil, Mississippi.
  • Also, welcome back Russell Drury of Carriere, Mississippi.

Each of these great members will continue to bring many good ideas to the table, as we work to protect & preserve the great North American Corriente Breed of Cattle!

By-Law Update:

The proposed changes to the  NACA By-Laws were approved at the annual membership business meeting. All these changes were passed by the membership. You may check them out in the website library

The WRANGLER for members:

As we focus on the future of the NACA, we have decided to publish our news and mugshots in THE WRANGLER magazine, as well as email.  When you start getting your subscription, don’t just wonder, “now, why am I getting this?” Open it up, and check out the NACA news!

This magazine will serve as a place to communicate great NACA happenings to our membership every 2 weeks, so be looking for it in the mail after you pay your membership dues.

Best part is, other breeders and ropers will be reading THE WRANGLER too, envious that they don’t belong to the NACA.. yet.

Announcing NACA 2014 pricing:  

NACA registration prices are…dropping. Huh? What? No way.

Yes, you read right. write. wright. However you like it.

In Texas, it’s “r-eye-t”.
While everything else is more expensive, health care, food, heat, ant farms, NACA registration fees are going down.

  • $15.00 for animals under 12 months (save $5/registration)
  • $25.00 for animals 13 to 18 months (save $15/registration)
  • $30.00 for animals 19 to 24 months (save $10/registration)
  • $60.00 for animals 25 months to life (woo-eee! my favorite! save $40/registration)

With these new rates, it’s time to register the children. OK, Scratch that.

With the huge demand, it’s time to start looking at what you haven’t registered, and register them so you can build the herds that meet the demand.  Call the office if you need help looking things up to register older stock.

2014 Membership dues with The Wrangler Subscription:

  • $45.00 for an Active membership
  • $30.00 for Associate Membership
  • $15.00 for Junior Membership
  • Lifetime memberships that paid $600 – FREE
  • Lifetime memberships in the Breeders Directory – FREE
  • Inactive Lifetime memberships – $15/year if you want to receive THE WRANGLER subscription*

* If we have your current mailing address, we will let you know if you fall into this category.

Remember, memberships go from Jan 1 – Dec 31 each year.

The sooner you pay, the sooner your subscription to THE WRANGLER will begin.  If you skip paying for a full year, you lose your member number, your herd recordkeeping, the subscription to THE WRANGLER, you won’t get emailed THE WANTED ads, you won’t be on our website  memberlist…which is great for business, and you won’t receive the Breeders Directory.

Wow. That’s a lot of won’ts. And well, we’ll miss you.

Besides, there is nothing cooler than an old number, so once it’s gone, it is gone forever. So renew your membership early, and renew often. (I’m really not sure what happens if you renew often, but it was worth a try)


  1. Save a stamp and renew your membership online here for 2014 so we can start your Wrangler subscription now!
  2. Give the Rancher raising “those other breeds” next door a gift membership here for Christmas, and maybe a cool NACA T-shirt, Hoodie or baseball cap (we even have pink and lime green)!
  3. Register all your stock. I mean really.  What else is there to do until spring?
  4. If you have news to share on the website or in The Wrangler, send it to the office here.


Ricky L. Mara

President, NACA