Demanding More Supply

I hope everyone has gotten off to a super 2013 and that the weather is treating you right!!

We have been very blessed with some significant rainfall, high cattle prices and strong demand for Corriente in our Texas hometown. That’ why I’m writing this literary masterpiece …

DEMANDING MORE SUPPLY – Everywhere we go

High School Rodeos, Roping or Bulldogging you hear the same complaint… that the cattle are old and worn out.

Why? The demand for good stock far outweighs the supply.
The great demand and high prices have caught most of us by surprise because it really has happened fairly quickly.

For the last few years, with the ongoing drought and depressed cattle prices, some ranchers decided to put beef bulls on their Corriente cows. That took a large number of roping/sport cattle out of the market place. Now that roping cattle are bringing similar prices to beef cattle we really need to get members to put Corriente bulls back on their cows.

We’re needin’ help around here with the supply side of this economic equation!! Also, doing this will maintain some very fine old Corriente Bloodlines.

I hope this gives y’all some food for thought. Thanks for reading. Russell Barham

About the Author:
Russell Barham
Haven’t met Russell? When you come to the shows, just look for the man walking around with a big, warm smile, and introduce yourself. He’s never met a stranger.

Russell Barham, has been a rancher, breeder, and NACA member for 15 years.