Economic Observations from a rancher

Some observations I have seen through the years…
Generally a rancher can run TWO Corriente cows on the same ground it takes to support ONE ordinary beef cow.

SO at today’s market value……
that means an ordinary beef cow will raise and wean off a 500-600 lb beef calf which will bring in a market value of $700 – $1000, depending on where you are.

BUT lets say you put TWO Corriente cows on that same piece of ground…..
Each Corriente brings in a market value between $600 – $700. This means the same piece of ground yields an income of $1,200 – $1,400!!

You can walk home with between $200 – $700 more in your pocket with Corriente!!

Oh, and even better yet… Corriente don’t need creep feed, weigh in around 350 – 400 lbs, and unlike beef cattle, they don’t need any assistance at birth!!

Sleep on, fellow Corriente Ranchers.
Let those Beef Ranchers stay up all night and earn less money.
It’s a free world!

About the Author:

It doesn’t take a physicist to figure out that math!
Tucker Ashley, although a physicist in college, has been a long term Rancher, Roper, Cowboy Action Shooting National Grand Champion, and nearly a permanent member of the NACA. He currently is an Advisor to the NACA Board of Directors.
God love ’em!