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 NACA YEAR END REPORT –  from the Board of Directors
Ricky Mara, Dave Kalasinsky, Dale Nauman, Billy Luke and Russell Drury

After a year of change and upheaval for the NACA, the Board of Directors would like to report on the financial position and general health of the association. 2012 ended with very positive indications and an optimistic outlook for 2013.  The new office in Monument, Colorado is up and running smoothly, and Executive Director, Ellen Hamilton, has streamlined the registration process and updated the website way beyond anyone’s expectations.

The transition from the old office in Kansas City to the new one was done for slightly under the budgeted $20,000. This included the transfer of a huge amount of data in the Herd Book into a new computer system which is much more sophisticated and comprehensive. This was expensive, but Ellen’s computer expertise saved the association literally thousands of dollars. The registration process may now be accessed through the website, along with other association material and news.

Although the transition cost may seem like a lot, it is actually less than the NACA had been losing each of the last two years when managed by the old office.  The transition has resulted in much more efficient and less expensive management which will allow the Board of Directors to produce a balanced budget and should pay off in the future. There is $36,000 left in the operating fund. The memorial funds for Mark Nichols and Clyde Edmondson are not for general operating purposes and should not be considered association assets as they had been in the past.

Since Ellen took over management of the Association at the beginning of August, the ordinary monthly income and expenses have nearly balanced out. This is encouraging and surprising since fall would ordinarily be a slow time for association income.  During this time there have also been unusual and unexpected expenses of about $3000 from bills left unpaid by the old office, and the NACA color brochure needed to be reprinted since only one was found in the material which was sent to Monument. There is also ongoing confusion about other association data not received, and two more old unpaid bills. Hopefully all will be straightened out in the near future.

The NACA Directors are happy to hear that there are tentative plans for cattle shows in the Southwest and Texas, and hope that the Central States, Eastern Association and Pacific Northwest will again have shows as they did in 2012. The National Show is slated for Gillette at the end of September. 

The NACA will begin publicizing the association this year with the expectation of creating new interest and new members. Budget decisions had eliminated all advertising for the past several years. There will be regular ads in the Super Looper and Spin to Win for the next six months to spread the word about the new office, new phone number and website. There will also be a banner on ranchworldads.com advertising upcoming NACA shows. 

Demand for cattle is great and prices are up, so the general outlook is terrific!

Good Times at the Eastern Corriente Cattle Association Show
 The 8th Annual Eastern Corriente Show started with a lot of anticipation from the members. Last year it had been decided to have the show but to only hold the members roping due to the economy.  So this year the membership decided to hold the show with fewer classes and hold it for two days as opposed to the three day show that normally has been held in the past.  We felt that this would allow a greater number of members to participate. Entries were from 14 ranches of which 5 were junior members.  The number of cattle entered into the show was 47.  With three conformation classes and two performance classes that was a wonderful turnout.  Pete Durden was the judge for the 8th Annual ECA Show.

Along with the very dedicated members we normally see at the show, we had the delight of the newly elected President of the Association Ricky Mara and the long time and distinguished member Dale Burks of Valley B Corrientes in attendance.

By the number of entries one can see that we are blessed with a very active junior membership.

Friday evening allowed the members to gather for some great southern cooking with the annual membership meeting.  Ricky Mara gave the members an update on the status of the North American Corriente Association.

New members to the ECA were warmly welcomed and business of the ECA was discussed and some new officers and board members were elected to the Eastern Corriente Association.  Officers for the association are President…Douglas Dale, Vice President…EW Goodwin, Secretary…Patty Dale, Treasurer…Tommy Jordan and Show Secretary…Peggy Matthews.  New board members elected were Tony Wilson and Steve Wilson and returning board members are Russell Drury, Anthony Pritchard and Dr. David Newell.

The membership decided to move the show back to the first weekend of November starting next year.

The members have been working very diligently to be able to offer scholarships to the younger members and awarded the first one this year.

First day of the show the conformation classes were held and the performance classes were held on Saturday. Once the judging completed the arena became very active with the chatter of the little ones as we held a dummy roping contest for the younger members.  Winners for the 9-11 age group Zane Pritchard and the 8 and under age group Wes Pritchard. Congratulations goes to those gentlemen and it sounds like we have a family of ropers on their way up.

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ECCA Show Results

Class 1 – Yearling Bulls

2nd DALE BULL 1115 – Tony Wilson
3rd Newell’s Bull 190 – Newell Corrientes
4th COFFELT BULL 1101 – Valley B Corrientes
5th ZANE PRITCHARD’S BULL189 – Zane Newell Pritchard
6th ZANE PRITCHARD’S BULL188 – Zane Newell Pritchard

Class 2 – Yearling Heifer

1st NEWELL’S 147 – Gracie D Newell
2nd BAR J COW 1162 – Tony Wilson
4th NEWELL’S 152 – Newell Corrientes
5th COFFELT COW 1102 – Valley B Corrientes
6th COFFELT COW 1103 – Valley B Corrientes

Class 3 – 2 Year old Heifer

1st NEWELL’S 129 – Newell Corrientes
2nd AMERICAN COW BETSY ROSS 033 – All American Corriente Cattle
3rd NEWELL’S 135 – Wes Harrison Pritchard
4th NEWELL’S 123 – Libby Camryn Newell
5th GRACIE NEWELL’S 132 – Gracie D Newell
6th DRURY COW 054 – Russell Drury


Class 4 – Roping Bull

1st A RAM BULL BROWNIE 110 – A RAM Ranch
2nd DALE SAMCRO 1110 – Dale Cattle Company
3rd DALE BULL 1115 – Tony Wilson
4th ZANE PRITCHARD’S BULL188 – Zane Newell Pritchard
5th COFFELT COW 1110 – Valley B Corrientes
6th Newell’s Bull 190 – Newell Corrientes

Class 5 – Roping Heifer

1st COFFELT COW 1102 – Valley B Corrientes
2nd NEWELL’S 140 – Newell Corrientes
3rd BAR J COW 1162 – Tony Wilson
4th NEWELL’S 128 – Zane Newell Pritchard
5th NEWELL’S 123 – Libby Camryn Newell
6th COFFELT COW 1104 – Valley B Corrientes

Class 6 – All Around Bull

1st DALE BULL 1115 – Tony Wilson
2nd COFFELT BULL 1101 – Valley B Corrientes
3rd Newell’s Bull 190 – Newell Corrientes
4th ZANE PRITCHARD’S BULL188 – Zane Newell Pritchard

Class 7 – All Around Heifer

1st BAR J COW 1162  Tony Wilson
2nd COFFELT COW 1102 – Valley B Corrientes
3rd NEWELL’S 123 – Libby Camryn Newell

Grand Champion Roping Animal

COFFELT COW 1102 – Valley B Corrientes

Reserve Grand Champion Roping Animal

A Ram Bull Brownie 110 – A RAM Ranch

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