Corriente Cattle for Sale

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For Sale: Bulls and Heifers


For Sale: Herd bull:  $2,500; Yearling bull: $1,800;  2 Year Old Bull: $2,900; Yearling Heifers $1200; Yearling Steers $1000.

We also sell natural grass fed beef/ no hormones/ inspected weighed and priced for sale.  Call 602-292-4121 or email us

100 Full-blood Bred Corriente Cows For Sale

Bar None Ranch Corrientes for sale

100 Full-blood Bred Corriente Cows For Sale; 25 are NACA registered Corrientes // Calving dates: April 15 – June 1, 2019
Montana-raised, Corriente breeders since 1991. Specializing in raising performance roping cattle with early horn growth, strong horn bases & good disposition.

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Looking to start your own herd? Need a nice pen of roping steers? Look no further! Ben has a nice selection of both. Please contact him at the number above with any questions. Located in LARAMIE, WYOMING!


Bulls & Heifers for Sale in Montana!

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