Corriente Cattle for Sale

Corriente Cattle for Sale. Find Corriente Bulls, Cows, Calves, Heifers and Semen listings on North American Corriente Association classifieds.
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For sale: 50 Registered Corriente Cows
V7 Corriente Cattle for sale (101517)
For sale: 50 Registered Corriente Cows. Ages 3 and up. Only selling due to lack of grass and hay. Over 30 years of raising Corrientes. Exposed to registered Corriente bulls. Rope the best eat the rest. $1,000/head

Call Brandon or Carolyn Volk: 701-422-3366 or 701-425-3001

For Sale: Registered Corriente Bull, 8 years old
Barham Corriente Cattle For Sale (101417)

Registered Corriente Bull, 8 years old, been on 40+ cows per year for last 5 years, stays where he’s supposed to. $2000

Call Russell Barham 713-817-7126

For Sale: 5 Registered Corriente 2 year old heifers
Diamond Five Corriente Cattle for sale (093017)
Have been roped very little this summer so not roped out. Approximately 700 lbs each. Asking $800.00 each.

Call Don at (307) 640-0073
Diamond Five Corrientes, Cheyenne, WY

For Sale: 6 Corriente Yearlings 6-7 months old
Diamond S Corriente Cattle for sale (070817)
6 Corriente Yearlings 6-7 months old. 5 Steers & 1 Heifer $550 each. Diamond S Corrientes has raised roping cattle that last, for over 20 years!

Call or text Bo Smith 318-992-3369
Diamond S Corrientes, Jena Lousiana

For Sale: Young Corriente BULLS and Heifers
Corriente Cattle for sale (053018)
Spring Valley Corrientes currently has young bulls and heifers out of registered stock for sale or trade.
Also seeking registered heifers or young cows.

Call or text Roger 620-762-0749

Contact Radfords Ranch about Corriente Cattle For Sale!

Radfords Ranch Corriente Cattle for sale (5-26-2018)

For Sale:
30 head fresh Corriente roping cattle. Call evenings 605-778-6885

Diamond A Cattle Co, Tucker Ashley, Pukwana, South Dakota.