Annual Membership Meeting and Election – September 26, 2013

Please come join your fellow members for the 2013 Annual Membership Meeting & Election in Gillette, Wyoming to be held in conjunction with the National Show hosted by the Plains Area Corriente Association. This is the location of the first Corriente Show in 1986 and a great time to celebrate the history and future of Corriente cattle and the good people that enjoy them!

Our Executive Director, Ellen Hamilton will be there as well as many of the NACA Board of Directors. We always look forward to hearing your ideas for promoting and preserving Corriente cattle to assist them in the growth of our Association as well as just to have a GREAT time together.

Like last year, Ellen will still be looking for lots of assistance with drinking her dozen or so growlers of beer from the local microbrew, that auctioneer Dale Nauman so smoothly auctioned to her non beer drinking husband, Dave. Come one, come all, if for no other reason, Ellen could use some help with all that beer. 🙂

Our annual Election will also be taking place at this meeting. Please refer to the Bylaws, Article III, Sec.2 for candidate eligibility.

Call the NACA office at (719) 425-9151 if you have any questions.