NACA Corriente Cattle Shine in the SouthEast

PCA-logoNorth American Corriente Association breeders were asked to supply the team roping cattle for the Professional Cowboys Finals Rodeo and the Dixie National Quarter Horse Show!

NACA breeders and stock contractors, Douglas Dale of Dale Cattle Co. and Tony Wilson of 4W Corrientes,  supplied the cattle for the 20th annual PCFR held in Biloxi, Mississippi January 16th-19th, 2015.  The top 15 headers & heelers from the Southeast as well as the top 15 competitors in the other rodeo events battled it out for the title of CHAMPION.

During and after the rodeo, nearly half the team ropers personally found the stock contractors and told them “That was the best set of cattle we have ever roped at the finals” or literally thanked them for bringing to cattle so it could roping contest and not a drawing contest.

February brought the Dixie National Rodeo and Livestock Show. North American Corriente breeders were personally asked to supply the team roping cattle for the Dixie National Quarter Horse Show. The Dixie National Quarter Horse Show has grown into one of the largest Quarter Horse shows in the nation and the largest east of the Mississippi River.

Since the show is a double point show, it attracts contestants from all over the United States. With the caliber of horses that compete, officials from the Mississippi Quarter Horse Association wanted to provide the best team roping cattle available. After seeing and hearing about the quality of team roping cattle several NACA breeders were producing, they actually came to the Eastern Corriente Association Show & Roping last November to see for themselves. They saw how uniform and how well the cattle roped, and the deal was done (in the form of a handshake).

Many of the top roping horse trainers and individual exhibitors complimented the cattle by saying “Those cattle were way better than the cattle we normally rope at these shows”. Several of the trainers even tried to buy the cattle from the stock contractors.

With the short supply of roping cattle and the high prices all across the country, why buy generic Corriente Cattle from unknown backgrounds & parentage when you can buy from North American Corriente Association members who have generations of records documenting the lineage and performance of their cattle. Most NACA breeders rope their cattle and only select the best to put into their breeding herds.

Don’t gamble. Rope the BEST!