Save Your Name!

Attention new members: This form should be sent in with or before your first batch of registration applications, if you wish to reserve a name.

Reserve Your Ranch Name

Each breeder is allowed to register ONE ranch name with the Association.  This name may be used for both cows and bulls, but will be restricted in used to the breeder who registered it.

Example: Lamar’s Bull 101; Lamar’s Flash; Lamar’s Cow 102.  Lamar’s would be reserved for use only by the breeder who registered it.  However, Flash could be used by someone else, including registering offspring from that animal.

The name being reserved should be the first word(s) in the animal’s name.  Not all animals registered by this breeder have to be given the reserved name.

Another breeder may use the reserved name as part of the registered animal’s name, but not the first part.  For example, if Lamar’s is reserved by one breeder, another breeder could name his animal Happy Farms Lamar’s P101.

Please note: If the person registering a ranch name wants to use it for an animal that is being sold at the time of registration, the animal must be registered by that person and then transferred to the new owner.  If you don’t mind if the new owner names the animal, you may give the completed registration application to the new owner and let them name the animal.   You must complete and sign the registration application if you are the breeder.  The transfer fee still applies.