Visual Inspection of Corriente Cows

There’s a shortage of Registered Corriente Cattle out there

  • You want to become a breeder…but it’s been tough to find registered breeding stock to buy or
  • Maybe you have a herd already, and wished you had registered “her”, but now you can’t figure out her pedigree for the life of you?

Good news…the NACA launched a new program on 1 April 2014 –


More Information about the new program:   The NACA Board of Directors aims to expand opportunities for the NACA membership by recognizing high quality females and entering them in the Herd Book without pedigree.

During recent difficult economic times many breeders of Corrientes were unable to register their cattle.  Many new members with unregistered cattle would like to have an opportunity to register the top end of their herds.

The visual inspection of females will increase the number of good fullblood NACA cows and active NACA members.  Once these cows pass through the visual inspection process, and their future progeny are registered also, the NACA Herd Book will increase significantly.

Contact the office to have a form mailed to you, click here to ask to have one emailed to you, or download one now and get started immediately!

Office: NACA, PO Box 2698, Monument, CO 80132   719-930-5171



Females may be accepted for registration by visual inspection. However, the Board of Directors reserves the right to inspect any animal prior to acceptance for registration. Only females exhibiting correct breed characteristics according to NACA Judging Guidelines shall be registered by visual inspection.

A. AGE – No visual inspection shall occur before the animal is estimated to be two years of age.

B. NUMBER BRAND – All animals for which application for registration by visual inspection is made must be number branded before the application is submitted.

C. APPLICATION FOR VISUAL INSPECTION – The required application form for registration of females by visual inspection is available upon request from the NACA. The application shall be accompanied by a minimum of four photographs and/or a video of the animal showing: both sides, the front, rear and clearly showing all brands, with at least one image of the cow’s udder.  Brands need to be sheared if not easily read.  All brands (current & previous) and their locations shall also be stated on the application.

D. INSPECTION PROCESS – After the Association receives a completed application and the correct fee, the designated panel of three qualified Inspectors will evaluate the animal by photos and/or video.  In some instances, the Inspectors may recommend that the animal be examined in the field, or further documentation may be requested. The Inspectors will not know the name of the applicant. The Inspectors will then submit their recommendation to the Board of Directors.

E. REGISTRATION – After the panel of Inspectors has reviewed an application and made their recommendation to the NACA Board of Directors, the Board will vote on whether or not to accept the animal into the NACA Herd Book at their next business meeting. The applicant will be notified in writing of the Board’s decision in a timely manner.

F. CERTIFICATES –  For animals accepted into the registry, registration certificates will be issued stating “Full Blood –  Visually Inspected”  but no pedigree or breed statement will show on the registration certificate.


April 01, 2014 – March 31, 2016  – $60.00
April 01, 2016 – March 31, 2017 – $150.00
April 01, 2017 – March 31, 2018 – $175.00
April 01, 2018 – March 31, 2019 – $200.00

IF AN ANIMAL DOES NOT PASS:  50% of the fee will be refunded to the owner if the cow does not pass inspection and  50% of the fee will remain as a credit  for the applicant’s NACA membership.  The credit  may only be used  for services such as VI inspections, registrations, or membership fees,  and may not be used for products or refunds.

The program for visually inspected females is expected to last until April 1, 2018.. If this program is extended, the fee may rise beyond $200.