Why Should I Buy Registered Corriente Cattle?

Why Register | Why Buy Registered

Why should I buy registered Corriente stock?

There are so many reasons for registering your stock and buying registered stock, whether you are a breeder, roper or beef producer.

  1. Conservation: Registries are an essential part of breed conservation
  2. Education: Registries are a great source for learning more about the breed, its attributes, its history and how to raise them
  3. Breeding: Pedigrees ensure that an animal is purebred and its ancestry is known. This means it will breed true to type and produce consistent, replicable and predictable characteristics in its progeny.
  4. Diversity: Without a registry, you won’t be able to find breeders with known quality. The genetics will disappear or become too inline within a lifetime. Ask China what happened when they put the wall up and couldn’t access fresh genetics. If a country can’t keep up good genetic lines, you can’t on your ranch. You need other breeders with known quality.
  5. Preservation: To help preserve a historic, but “lightly populated” breed
  6. Purchase: To guarantee purchase of true, quality, proven Corriente genetics
  7. Health: To ensure that you are buying healthy, properly vaccinated, domestically raised cattle
  8. Value: Proven quality and proven genetics means the herd is more valuable than grade roping cattle
  9. Sporting and Performance: Corriente from registered stock perform better than cattle of mixed or unknown genetic background
  10. Ownership: Because sometimes it comes in handy to have some proof of ownership for neighbors, insurance, theft. This isn’t legal proof, but let’s just say, we get calls in all of these situations and it can make a difference.
  11. Quality Beef: To reassure any beef customers that they are getting a true lean-meat, low cholesterol animal, not something of unknown origin and make-up. It’s Corriente Beef because we can verify it’s history; not because of it’s hide color.
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    And the NUMBER ONE REASON to
    Buy and Sell Registered Corriente Cattle…..

  13. They are the original cattle on this Continent,
    and it’s your duty as an American!

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