Why Should I Register My Corriente Cattle?

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Who Should Register Stock?

The NACA Registry exists to preserve the Corriente Cattle bloodlines, and to support your ability to find quality Corriente Cattle, but you have a role too. The association is funded through your cattle registrations and transfers. Without them, the association, the herdbook and all the accompanying benefits, would cease to exist. We ask all members to register and transfer their stock to help support the preservation of this heritage breed.

Why You Should Register Your Corriente Cattle

Registering your cattle will increase the value of the herd well beyond the minor cost of the registration fees. Buyers place a premium on the knowledge that your herd does not include the genetics of other breeds. Registration Certificates and the accompanying pedigree back up the legitimacy of your herd and provide a history of each animal.

These days there is an enormous demand for roping cattle and supplies are low. Cattle of any quality are fairly easily marketed, including obvious cross bloods. As markets inevitably change, the best pureblood cattle retain the highest market value and are still in great demand. These cattle are “best” due to careful herd management and production records encouraged by the North American Corriente Association and taught through educational articles and research.

Generally speaking, registered heifers and bulls sell for 20 – 40% more than commercial cattle, and can bring much more than that. A well-managed herd produces remarkably even, dependable, athletic roping steers and most breeders enjoy repeat buyers who pay a premium.

Pureblood Corrientes retain the traditional traits of the original Spanish cattle brought to the Americas. They are hardy, disease resistant, efficient foragers and free of calving problems. The registry itself is the headquarters for the preservation of this heritage breed, and by supporting it through the registration of your cattle you will be contributing to the promotion, conservation, and research of the breed.